Cell Culture in the Cloud With a Virtual Incubator

- Wading through unstructured cell culture notes?
- Using mould collecting paper in a tissue culture room?
- Disorganised cold storage?
- Post-it notes to leave messages for colleagues?

Paper based cell culture notes are a bad idea but who has the money or a dedicated computer for complex software to keep track of everything? CellKulture is a free, cloud based solution allowing you to document, archive and share your culture logs. The ideal way to manage your cell cultures!


Track Your Cell and Tissue Cultures

CellKulture tracks cell cultures from the day they enter the lab to the day they leave. Tracking does not stop when the cells are frozen.


Sync and View Your Data on all Your Devices.

CellKulture is a cloud based service allowing you to view, edit and collaborate from any web enabled device. Export your data for offline processing at any time.